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LNG infrastructure for harsh weather conditions

Crown LNG develops and delivers tailored LNG infrastructure
suitable for year-round operations in any harsh weather location
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The Crown LNG value chain

Crown LNG

Crown LNG develops, finances, owns and operates LNG terminals in locations exposed to harsh weather conditions.

We are active in two parts of the LNG value chain. The first is liquefaction, where natural gas from producers is cooled and compressed for transport by ship to a regasifaction terminal where it is turned back into gas and piped to consumers and businesses.

Liquefaction and regasification facilities may be onshore or offshore. Our focus is on a specific and substantial market niche: Locations where an onshore facility is not desirable, for instance in urban areas, and where ship-based offshore terminals are too vulnerable to harsh weather conditions.

These weather conditions are typically strong seasonal winds that are found both in major production regions, such as the Gulf of Mexico, and in major consumption markets, in particular in Asia.

Our vision

Benefits of Crown LNG's approach

Project pipeline

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Regasification terminal

Newfoundland (Canada)


Vung Tau (Vietnam)

Regasification terminal

Grangemouth (UK)

Regasification terminal